The big question:
How do you define the market price?

A large agro-business wants to launch an exchange and become a worldwide market-maker for a specific agro product.

Due to the specifics of the industry, and the way the crops grow and are harvested, there are no unified data sources to assess the markets, prices and deals.

Technology stack:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Machine Learning

Project Outcome

The Product:

Analytical system with auto-update feature

  • Access to all data source on agro trade available worldwide
  • Data aggregation and visualization
  • Integrated “Ask data” tool to automate search without ever digging into wider search through panel
  • Predictive AI algorithm, based on all data available

The Result:

The price is predicted 10 days in advance according to confidence intervals.

The system is 100% automated, with no extra staff ever needed to service the solution.