The big question:
Can you identify and keep your company’s best talent?

The Head of HR for the largest Ukrainian agri-business wants to identify “before it’s too late” employees with high potential and make sure they stay with the company.

Due to the size of the company (15,000+ employees all over Ukraine) HRs may miss early detection.

Technology stack:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Profound Analytics

The Product:

Talent search tool with auto-update feature

  • single-point access to all data on employees’ performance and emotional states at the workplace
  • data aggregation and visualization
  • Integrated “Match to ideal employee profile” tool to help the HRs detect promising employees with a strong potential to grow
  • Background for employee churn prediction and identifying early burnout

The Result:

More efficient promotion and redeployment decisions are made. All calculations and visualizations are 100% automated, with the monthly performance checks results as the only inputs.