“I have been involved in the projects with different types of companies from start-ups to big corporations and government owned organizations. UDATA is one of the best I worked with.”

CEO of ProZorro
Vasyl Zadvornyy

The big question:
How to win from public procurement transparency?

Ukrainian government e-procurement system consolidates 1,000+ tenders daily.  This is a very large number to assess for tender participants.

Having a user friendly analytical tool can help businesses make more informed decisions on deals and expand their interaction with state-owned companies and offices.

Technology stack:

  • Business Intelligence

The Product:

Database Management Tool: set of interactive analytical dashboards

  • single-point access to all data on procurement for the industry
  • aggregated data on tender organizers and suppliers to check their history and reliability
  • Integrated open data resources from Anti-Monopoly Committee
  • Visualization of all the data available

The Result:

Specific executable points on geography and trends in public procurement for various industries. Informed choice of tender organizer and supplier.