The big question:
How to get momentary information about business processes status in a group of companies?

One of the top Media Groups in Ukraine with a very complex organizational structure reorganizes its use of HR related data.

To make timely decisions top management of the Group’s units want to have all the business information at hand. However, filing reports requires significant time, and results in delays and extra effort from the HR department.


Technology stack:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Profound Analytics

The Product:

An analytical system with an auto-update feature

  • Single-point access to all demographic, financial and organizational data about all the employees
  • Data aggregation and visualization
  • Easy navigation through filters and interactive components of all graphs
  • Potential for automated reports generation on demand (in *pdf)

The Result:

24/7 direct access to up-to-date key HR-related indicators. Both calculations and visualizations are 100% automated, with the option to add new financial data and changes in organizational structure when needed.