The big question:
How to save time in picking the right tenders?

Searching for the relevant tenders among 50,000+ available daily takes up significant time as includes manual check for CPV codes of the goods and services the participant wants to supply.

Our solution was presented during the Workshop on up-take of emerging technologies in public procurement (Deloitte, Belgium) and included in the list of best practice solutions for public sector from Deloitte.

Technology stack:

  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence

The Product:

CPV code prediction tool

  • A list of predicted CPV codes for each of the goods or services ranked by % of their probability
  • Manual input of the item description or using the link to a tender
  • English and Ukrainian interfaces
  • Predictive AI algorithm

The Result:

Accurate CPV code prediction for every item. With minor customizations the algorithm can be used to predict items from any classified datasets.